Sunday, 24th July, Münster

Yesterday was a lovely day.  We went and washed clothes in the morning, bought some Palestinian olive oil and harissa in a fair trade store, saw something of the dreariness of life among people who use launderettes even in Germany, I had my beard trimmed nicely.

In the morning went to the famous farmer’s market, in the square under St. Paul’s Dom church. Lots of beautiful stores, piled high with chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, fruit, cherries, two fish stalls, two Dutch licorice stalls, cheese, local and Dutch, flowers in plenty.




In the afternoon Reinhard picked us up, and we walked through the Botanical Gardens on a somewhat sultry afternoon with raindrops.  Different sections, different countries e.g. Canaries, South Africa, local farmers’  gardens etc.  Then back to their house for a delicious and simple dinner (pasta with lemon and cream sauce, salad, white currant pie) and a long walk to the city castle, and home to bed.  We sawa a couple of journeymen, in their journeymen uniform, negotiating their stay in our hotel. They have to wander from town to town as they train to become master craftsmen, and cannot go within fifty kms of their hometown.

IMG_1608 2.JPG


Giant Amazonian water lilies.

Have to prepare Psalms for the Jewish-Christian Bible Week. Schüss.

Our trip to Israel

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